DVNF’s Visit And Donation To Virginia Veterans Care Center

As part of Disabled Veterans National Foundation’s “Stories of Service” Video Contest, participating students were asked to select a Veteran’s charity of their choice to donate $1,000 to, as part of their prize. The Disabled Veterans National Foundation high school “Stories of Service” winners, Tamour Malik and Alyssa Gorman of Kettle Run High School in Nokesville, VA selected the Virginia Veterans Care Center – a long term health care and home in Roanoke, VA to donate to.

Upon selecting the winners, the DVNF office staff placed phone calls to the winning students and Veterans organizations. When informing Patti Culver Smith, Director of Admissions and Public Relations at the Virginia Veterans Care Center of the contest and donation, she was thrilled and immediately invited the DVNF staff to visit the facility to meet their staff and residents and see how the donation would help.

The Disabled Veterans National Foundation office took a day trip to visit the facility and present the $1,000 check. We were greeted by some residents outside enjoying the fresh air, the friendly front desk staff and the facility Administrator Bill VanThiel’s dog, Scruffy. It was immediately apparent that the Virginia Veteran’s Care Center was a one of a kind facility that felt like a true home.

The DVNF staff was kindly given a tour by Anna Gring, the Center’s Director of Activities. We were able to walk around the facility and see the various wings, which housed Veterans at various care levels, and we were able to meet and talk to residents in each wing. We also toured the peaceful outdoor area, the dining rooms, barber shop, commissary, pharmacy and activity rooms where the $1,000 donation will be put to great use.

Recently, the Center had been fortunate enough to have enough funds to add on another extension on the existing activity room, to be able to create a comfortable living area and den space for Veterans to relax outside of their rooms. However, they did not have the funds to be able to add a television and complete the room, therefore leaving the space relatively empty and it wasn’t being put to full use. Thanks to students Tamour Malik, Alyssa Gorman and DVNF that room will become complete and the Veterans residing in the Center will have a great room to spend their days in.

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