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Seven Reasons To Vote For President Obama Again In 2012

There is some confusion among people who are not very well informed that there is “no difference” between Barack Obama and the Republicans. While there are some important issues where Obama does have a similar position to his Republican counterparts there are also many important issues where he does not. It makes no sense to ignore these big differences just because of some issues where the differences are small.

Stock Market Unsure How to React to State of the Union Speech

Investment advisors and stock traders were looking for more from the President. This was a speech all about the economy and the president outlined this new focus on U.S. competitiveness. Wall street was looking for something in last nights speech that would indicate which was the market would move. The lack of specific cuts and general tone of the State of the Union Address left the market unsure as the which direction U.S. equities would trend.

The Design Of The Presidential House

Nobody really knows the interior design of the White House. There are several public rooms that are opened to visits, but the design of the other hundreds of rooms is only known by the family members and the national security agents.