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Medicaid Benefits in 2012

It’s begun- what started out as a great “health plan” last year is already being debated by Congress. The new House majority plans to pass a bill to “repeal” last year’s health law due to the realization that the new health care law would make matters worse by moving millions of new enrollees into heavily subsidized, third-party insurance arrangements (either through Medicaid or state health benefits exchanges) — the very kind of open-ended financing arrangements at the heart of today’s cost escalation problem.

Is The American Congress At All Functional – A Thought to Wonder About

Various groups of opponents have staged battle critical of the extension of the PATRIOT Act. The voting would be the deciding factor whether the bill would continue to stay alive. Two-thirds of the House members should vote YES so that H.R. 514 could run for another period. This move is viewed as fast tracking the process in order to achieve positive results. The voting is scheduled this February.

Abe Lincoln Stood Tall in Honesty

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” President Abraham Lincoln was noted for telling the truth, something our fellow Americans appreciate more and more as we find it less and less in today’s situational politicians and opportunists. He was not a politician, but a statesman.

The Violence Against Women Act – A Powerful Solution Or Vigilantism

Senator Joseph Biden recently announced his presidential bid and start of his 2007 campaign; a bid that will certainly be most welcomed by the domestic violence lobbyists. A sponsor of the VAWA or Violence against Women Act, Sen. Biden has supported the eradication of domestic violence and in the process, gained alliance with powerful feminist movements and special interest groups. Supporting this feminist cause would be the naturally advantageous for a senator, especially for Democrats in the Senate. But is he willing to risk all the advantages he is reaping from his alliances to own up to the fact that this federal law has its shortcomings and loopholes.