Month: March 2012

Disabled Veterans National Foundation Delivers More than $400,000 of Supplies

WASHINGTON, Mar 20, 2012 — The Disabled Veterans National Foundation ( ), a non-profit veterans service organization that focuses on helping men and women who serve and return home wounded or sick after defending our safety and our freedom, is delivering total supplies valued at approximately $425,687 to Operation Homefront in San Antonio ( ) this month. Operation Homefront provides emergency financial and other assistance to the families of our service members and Wounded Warriors. A national nonprofit, Operation Homefront leads more than 4,500 volunteers across 23 chapters and has met more than 590,000 needs since its inception in 2002. Needs addressed by Operation Homefront and its chapters include: food assistance, auto repair, vision care, moving assistance, and financial assistance. Operation Homefront also provides morale events for local communities, Wounded Warrior Wives and holidays.

Blogs And Sites For Self Expression

People have different ways of expressing their ideas and feelings. Now, with advanced tools and technology, virtually anyone can create their own websites or blogs as a form of self expression. This can be regarding almost anything, from political opinions to one’s interests, or travel adventures. Basically anything that is interesting and catchy will catch the public’s attention. There are those however, who build their blogs around one common interest or theme. Such blogs, could be thought of as conservative blogs as it only discusses a specific topic.

What Is Happening Amongst Conservatives And Democrats?

Liberals as well as Conservatives merely need to believe media sources that will pander to their pre-conceived notions. Both Liberals and Conservatives snicker at any kind of disagreeable info they do not desire to feel and write it off as lies propagated from the opposition’s news outlets. People that are grown ups recognize most certainly that we ought to filter any kind of information people pick up and take into consideration which way it really is biased.

The Documentation of Cannabis for The Benefit of the Human Race

For as long as we can successfully track an association between hemp and people, there seems to be a valuable association between the two. For as far back as thousands of years ago, when we originally began keeping registers, scientists have uncovered sure confirmation that hemp has been utilized as garments, cordage and lashing, medical care, and quite possibly even hedonistic use. That’s a whole lot of narrative to demonstrate hemp has the potential to make our mortal lives easier and more productive.

The Documentation of Cannabis for Human Progress

For as long as we can effectively track a relationship between marijuana and humans, there seems to be a beneficial connection between the two. For as far back as thousands of years ago, when we first started keeping records, scientists have found clear evidence that marijuana has been used as clothing, rope and lashing, medicine, and possibly even recreational. That’s a lot of history to show how marijuana has the ability to make our human lives easier and more efficient.

A History of the 2 Dollar Bill: Thing to Know

The history of currency, for some, is genuinely tantalizing stuff, for most others, possibly, not so much. There are a few notes of US currency, nevertheless, that have consistently seemed to generate a sort of underground interest among folks, most prominent among them being the US Two-Dollar Bill. Lots of people seem to share an enthusiasm and general fondness toward this US currency note and, quite fascinatingly, perhaps even more people than that essentially do not even know that they exist! Indeed, there are many websites devoted to the two dollar bill, and even this new site (link: for efficiently tracking them throughout the Us. But how many are really familiarized with the actual history of the US two-dollar bill? Let’s take a gander then, shall we?