Month: February 2012

Radar Signs Inform Drivers to Check Their Speed

Some drivers see a static speed limit sign or a radar feedback sign and believe the number displayed is the rate of speed they should be driving, according to a study done by Brigham Young University. Rather than displaying the maximum safe and legal speed, about 87% of those surveyed thought that it was the perfect speed to drive, and therefore the signs inspired drivers to not surpass that level. That doesn’t change the proven fact that the general public, when faced with a dynamic display instead of a static one, felt they should slow down.

Useful Questions On Significant Criteria In Probate attorney Reno

A criminal defense attorney can provide clients with much-needed assistance with a potential case and advice on what occurs in the courtroom. They can guide defendants through the pros and cons of handling a criminal case and it can protect them from drastic consequences entailing a criminal offense. Some Insights On Common-Sense Strategies Of Reno inverse condemnation attorney.

How to Work Out Your PPI Compensation

PPI claims are still ongoing. If you’re unsure about whether you’ve been misled into taking out PPI on a loan or series of bills it’s definitely worth looking into, as you can claim compensation on all the payments you made. This comes after an FSA ruling on the misuse of PPI by banks in the UK. If your bank doesn’t help with your enquiry they stand to get into trouble, so it’s in their interests to help you out.

Colditz – A Castle With A Rich Heritage

Colditz Castle is known as a top security captive of war camp utilised by the Fascists all thru World War II to house Associated captives of war who were thought to be “incorrigible”. Nonetheless, the castle is around 800 years old so there's considerably more to its past than the six years when it was also known as Oflag IV-C.

Was it right for Fred Goodwin to be stripped of his knighthood?

Recently Fred Goodwin the former chief executive at the Royal Bank of Scotland was stripped of his knighthood. He received the knighthood back in 2004 from the Labour government and at the time it was given to him for services to banking. In the eight years since Goodwin received his knighthood a lot has happened for both Goodwin personally and also RBS. There are two possible contributing factors to Fred Goodwin being stripped of his knighthood but did he deserve it?

Report On The Film ‘Beneath Hill 60 ‘

The 2010 film ‘Beneath Hill 60 ‘ tells the true story about a group of infantrymen from the 1st Australian Tunnellers led by Captain Oliver Woodward CMG MC and 2 bars. In the flick, Woodward is portrayed by Brendan Cowell. He used to be a miner and metallurgist from New South Wales and had not joined up as numerous other men from the area had done. He was seen to be needed to stay at home to help the war effort and as a result, he had been sent several white feathers. It was classic at the time for people to give white feathers to people who they believed to be chickens.

A Day Exploring The Area Around The Historic Somme Battlefields

Rather like the area around Ypres, there are many graveyards, typically along little, muddy roads. My first planned destination was the Hawthorn Crater. This is one of the mines that was detonated below the German lines at the outset of the Battle of the Somme in 1916. The explosion was caught on film and is often shown in documentaries about the Battle of the Somme. After driving around the area for some time, I found the Newfoundland Park Memorial & Visitors Centre and pulled over to take a look.

The Actions Of The Special Operations Executive

While it was technically created in July 1940, the SOE (Special Operations Executive) had come together in 1938 with the fusion of three current, top secret sections right after Germany annexed Austria. Churchill’s Secret Army was instructed to “Set Europe Ablaze”.

HPV Vaccines And The Controversy Over Side Effects

Because of the HPV vaccine controversy increasingly being discussed by people from presidential hopefuls to late night comedians, sometimes it seems like everybody has something to say about the subject. Unfortunately, the reality regarding proven HPV vaccine side effects is regularly being misrepresented or perhaps dismissed entirely.